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Perhaps just now becoming aware of that seemingly eternal adage of the Internet age, Final Fantasy XVI protagonist portrayer Ben Starr has apparently discovered the drawings and imagined extracurricular activities fans have been churning out of late.

Now, we don't know exactly what Starr saw to elicit the response, but just going off what we've personally witnessed innocently scrolling Twitter, we blush to imagine. From the relatively short walk it took for the community to get from dominated Dominants to diagrams detailing the reproductive cycles of Chocobos, we can only guess what wonders of the imagination Starr was subjected to (or potentially sought out, we don't judge).

That the hunky, dog-loving Clive, with his gravity-defying hairstyle (and what we have to imagine is a statuesque six-pack following a lifetime of sword drills), would be subjected to similar attention should really come as no surprise. Despite being prompted to drop the link to the content in question, Starr is keeping what he read and the images it conjured to himself.

Ever cared about a game or character enough to turn your own hand to creating new, and especially unique, art? Remain within the realm of decency and fair use in the comments section below.