Bristol-born actor Ben Starr is behind the voice of Clive Rosfield in Final Fantasy XVI, and the latest promotional video for the upcoming RPG is all about the main character. Producer Naoki Yoshida and localisation director Michael-Christopher Koji Fox sit down with Starr to discuss the game's protagonist, while also giving us some insight into the actual role.

It's honestly a really good watch, and Starr comes across as a very genuine guy. When he first snagged the role, Starr admits he was "so scared of the responsibility".

"I knew how much it meant to me, how much these games and these stories have meant to me," he continues. "Every day, I would go into the booth, for like the first month, and I thought I was going to get fired," says Starr, as Yoshida and Fox break into laughter.

"I thought I was going to turn up, and you guys were going to be like, 'here's the entire story of Final Fantasy XVI. Read it, oh and by the way, you're fired.' And I thought, this is the worst thing, I know the whole story of Final Fantasy XVI and I don't even have the job anymore." It's safe to say that Starr was more than a bit nervous!

Funnily enough, Fox reveals that Starr wasn't the team's first choice for the voice of Clive. The first choice actor's schedule simply didn't work out, and so an auditioning process was kicked into gear. Funnier still, Starr wasn't even auditioning for Clive — he was there to claim the role of a "very minor" character, according to Fox.

However, the auditioning staff quickly pointed out that Starr could be a perfect fit for the leading man, and when Fox heard the voice, he immediately knew that Clive was sorted. "Koji came to me, all excited," Yoshida remembers. "We've found someone. I'm telling you — he's Clive!"

Again, the full video's well worth a watch. And you know, we actually met Starr at a Final Fantasy XVI preview event. He told us that he was an avid Trophy hunter, so you can bet he'll be chasing that all-important Platinum.