Back before the PS5 released, one of the games featured in its major pre-launch showcase was Capcom's Pragmata. Roughly three years later, we've still yet to see anything meaningful about the game. Well, during the publisher's showcase today, it looked like we were finally getting an update, and, erm, we sort of did.

In a new video, embedded above, we see some precious snippets of gameplay from the enigmatic PS5 game, but the main message is that it's not coming any time soon. Acknowledging the lengthy development, a message at the end of the trailer confirms an indefinite delay.

There's no hint at when it may be ready, so we wouldn't expect to see Pragmata again for at least a year, likely longer. It's a shame, as the mysterious sci-fi title looked really interesting back in 2020, and we're still curious to learn more. Hopefully, Capcom puts this extra time to good use, and we get to check it out... eventually.

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