Killzone: Liberation PSP PlayStation

We knew that Guerrilla Games' underappreciated isometric iteration Killzone: Liberation was coming to PS Plus Premium, but had the happy news confirmed today that it would be getting Trophy support as well. With 10 Bronze, 21 Silver, three Gold, and the essential Platinum Trophy,

Exophase has the full list, but gathering this gaggle of gongs doesn't sound like the most taxing endeavour. The majority are earned simply by completing unmissable story missions and dismembering Helgahst troopers with various implements (M3 Revolver, Missile Launcher, Spider Mine, vehicles, that kind of thing).

After that, there's a Gold called It's All Fun and Games (Complete 24 Challenge Games with a bronze medal or better), a Silver called Gilded Leader (Earn ten gold medals in Challenge Games), and some assorted cleanup.

Did you play Killzone: Liberation in its earlier incarnation? Will you be firing it up and seeking out its newly-minted Trophies? Let us know in the comments section below.