Killzone Liberation PSP PS5 PS4 PS Plus Premium 1
Image: Push Square

Sony was roundly criticised throughout the PSP and PS Vita generations for not assigning is top first-party developers to its handheld platforms, but when Guerrilla Games turned its hand to the Japanese giant’s inaugural portable it churned out an all-timer. As opposed to trying to recreate the first-person perspective of the original PS2 Killzone, the Dutch developer transitioned to an isometric viewpoint for Killzone Liberation.

The result, while underappreciated, was incredible. This overhead shooter doesn’t have the tactics to be described a strategy game, but it’s more methodical than a twin-stick shooter, too – it’s perhaps best compared to a dungeon crawler, except you get to mow down Helghast with assault rifles instead of wield magic wands. The game’s pretty challenging – as most PSP titles of the era were – but if you’re a fan of the sci-fi series and have never played this, you must check it out.

And there’ll never be a better opportunity than with the latest robust PS Plus Premium update. Sony confirmed as part of today’s announcement that the classic will be coming to PS5 and PS4 in emulated form, which means you’ll be able to take advantage of convenience features like rewind and save states. It also means there’ll likely be Trophies, although we’ll need to wait a few more days to officially confirm that.

Are you a fellow fan of Killzone Liberation, or will you be tackling this absolute stone-wall classic for the first time? Rehearse a rousing Helghan speech in the comments section below.