PS Plus Premium Has a 'Bigger Share' of Subscribers than PS Plus Extra, Says Sony 1
Image: Push Square

It's been roughly a year since Sony gave its gaming subscription service, PS Plus, a major overhaul. Introducing two additional tiers on top of what was already there, it now resembles something much closer to Xbox's Game Pass. PS Plus Extra gives you access to a frankly absurd number of games across PS5 and PS4, while PS Plus Premium also throws in cloud streaming and access to a growing selection of retro titles. All told, it's never been better value to be a member, and it sounds like more people are opting for the most expensive option than you'd expect.

In a chat with, PlayStation's Nick Maguire speaks about the renewed service, reiterating the platform holder's strategy and the ever-increasing value of each subscription tier. One interesting comment made during the interview relates to the number of members currently occupying PS Plus Premium versus Extra.

"I was personally surprised that Premium has ended up being a bigger share of the base than Extra," Maguire says. "We all thought that Extra would be where the majority of people went to first, but actually Premium has been more popular and bigger," he elaborates, saying it's a "pleasant surprise".

It certainly is a bit surprising; generally, sentiment online is that Premium isn't quite worth the additional cost, whereas Extra represents incredible bang for your buck. According to PS Plus' head honcho, though, it seems the top tier is largely more popular overall.

We suppose that sort of lines up with how the service has been performing. Last year, PS Plus grew in terms of revenue, but the number of subscribers actually decreased. Maguire says that, this year, the service has "very much returned to growth".

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