PowerWash Simulator VR PSVR2 PlayStation 5 PS5 1

We honestly can’t think of a better combination than PSVR2 and PowerWash Simulator – especially with the haptic feedback and adaptive trigger features included with the PSVR2 Sense Controllers. Unfortunately, despite the game being announced for Meta Quest 2 yesterday, there are no plans for the release to clean up on PSVR2 right now.

A quote from the release’s Discord, as dug up by ResetEra, notes “the game will just be on the Meta Quest 2 for now” and adds there aren’t any plans to “move the VR version to PSVR”. The language seems to suggest a port could happen at some point, as it doesn’t appear there’s any exclusivity in place from Meta at the moment.

Obviously this is one we think Sony should be working to secure for its headset, as the vanilla version of PowerWash Simulator has proven very popular on the PS5, and we can only imagine it’ll be massively enhanced with virtual reality. If you’d like to see the title come to PlayStation’s VR device, let developer FuturLab know in the comments section below.

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