MultiVersus is a strange case; it's been available to play for about eight months, but technically, only in an open beta capacity. This prolonged phase of the game's development has allowed developer Player First Games to gather a vast amount of information and feedback, and it'll soon be implementing all that data ahead of a proper, full launch. To that end, the game will be taken offline in a few months' time.

With the above video update, game director Tony Huynh tells fans that the open beta for MultiVersus will come to an end on 25th June 2023. The studio will continue to work on the platform fighter through until a planned launch in "early 2024".

Until 25th June, you can continue playing as normal, though there will be no further game updates. After that date, all online functionality will be disabled, but you can continue to play in The Lab (training mode) and local matches. When the game does eventually launch for real, your progress and unlocks will carry over.

It sounds like Player First Games will be working on new characters, maps, and modes, as well as refreshed netcode, matchmaking improvements, and an overhauled progression system.

Having such a long open beta period is unusual, and we had assumed it would roll right into the full launch, but here we are. Hopefully the game bounces back next year and makes some changes for the better. It's always had a lot of potential, so fingers crossed it can reach that when the full game surfaces down the road.

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