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Some games just don’t show well in trailers. Synapse, the upcoming PSVR2 shooter from virtual reality specialists nDreams, may be one of those games. The title has anchored two PlayStation presentations recently, and has barely elicited a whimper from unimpressed onlookers. This is despite it being the latest from the team behind Fracked, a title that was broadly well-received on the original PSVR.

Fortunately, hands on previews sounds a lot more exciting – and if the gameplay’s good, then that’s ultimately all that matters. An extensive PS Blog write-up explains how this is actually a roguelite, where you’ll take on procedurally generated combat gauntlets, unlocking Traits – or gameplay modifiers – as you progress. These include abilities like slow-motion or curved bullets.

In addition to the Traits you unlock after each level, you’ll also gradually earn permanent upgrades which will allow you to progress further and further into the game. In addition to your weapons, you’ll also have telekinesis powers, and one interesting feature is how the adaptive triggers are being utilised here: grab an explosive object too tightly, for example, and it’ll blow up on the spot.

Also of note is the art style: the game’s completely monochrome, aside from flashes of colour on the objects you can interact with. While that doesn’t sound like the most enticing direction for a PSVR2 title, perhaps, we can imagine it being quite surreal and interesting once you’ve got the headset on. The game’s due out on 4th July, and we’re certainly more interested now we know a lot more about it.