Kingdom Hearts NieR Automata PS5 Final Fantasy 16
Image: Push Square

We know that Sony has helped Square Enix optimise Final Fantasy 16 for the PS5, and now we have confirmation that both PlatinumGames and also SE Creative Business Unit 1 were involved. During yesterday’s pre-launch livestream, it was confirmed that Takahisa Taura of NieR Automata fame led a team from within PlatinumGames to help develop “a part” of the game. SE Creative Business Unit 1, best known for the Kingdom Hearts games, also chipped in.

While we don’t know what their specific contributions were, it makes sense to bring these teams on board, as they obviously both have good experience with fast-paced, real-time combat. In fact, PlatinumGames specifically is considered a master of character action games, which is what Final Fantasy 16’s gameplay loop best resembles. All in all, it sounds like a lot’s gone into this game – and judging by the feedback to the new PS5 demo, fans are pretty satisfied with what they’ve seen so far.