You know what, there aren’t enough games about climbing. We know some found it got a little long in the tooth as the Uncharted franchise dragged on, but we really enjoyed the recent Horizon Call of the Mountain, for example – a game where you spend most of your time simply fumbling your way to the peaks of cliff faces with PSVR2.

Jusant, a new title from the increasingly busy – and awfully renamed – DON’T NOD looks like it could fill a void. Coming to the PS5 later this year, the action puzzler promises a “meditative journey to the top of a tall tower”. The press release teases: “Challenge yourself at your own pace, explore different paths, and unravel the secrets from a bygone civilization.”

It adds: “Master your climbing tools and watch your stamina meter to successfully navigate this mysterious and changing tower. As you go higher and hone your skills, you’ll have to figure out how best to use the tools at your disposal to get to where you want to go. Explore alternative paths to find clues about what happened here.”

You’ll be guided along your journey by an ethereal, water-based being named Ballast. “This creature will help guide you throughout your journey by waking nature along your path and helping to reveal clues that will help you piece together the tower’s past and reach the top,” the official blurb concludes.

This one looks and sounds really good, and it’s pretty cool to see DON’T NOD stretching its legs and exploring so many different experiences.