Following social media teases from developer Ebb Software, it's been confirmed Scorn will be ported over to PS5 later this year. A solid release date hasn't been given, but the grotesque horror title will make full use of the PS5 DualSense controller. Check out the reveal trailer above.

If you've not heard of Scorn before, here's the story setup: "Trapped and stranded in a strange biomechanical world, you must make your way through a civilization in decay, now inhabited with twisted and grotesque creatures. While you will be able to wield various weapons in the game, Scorn is not a shooter, and each encounter can quickly turn deadly." It's a game more about puzzle solving and choosing the right time to use your bullets than blasting an alien race. It utilises a 4K resolution at 60 frames-per-second.

When played on PS5, Scorn uses the haptic feedback of the DualSense pad to improve the audio-visual experience. Your actions on-screen will be replicated in the controller through vibrations of pain. "From the smallest interaction, such as feeling the low rumble of an organic head-mounted display to the situations in which players find themselves in dire and dangerous encounters, the DualSense controller haptics elevate the feeling of immersion by balancing the intensity of vibration according to in-game sounds."

On top of that, the adaptive triggers make each weapon feel slightly different while the light bar displays your health. "It is a small addition to the otherwise very minimalistic HUD in Scorn. The idea is that a player can get a piece of immediate information on their HP status while playing the game."

As well as being available digitally on the PS Store, a physical version is being made available on PS5 that packs in a steelbook case, soundtrack, and a digital artbook. The game costs £33.49 / $39.99 on Xbox Series X|S, so you should expect a similar price on PS5.

Scorn PS5 2

Our sister site Pure Xbox reviewed the game upon its original release, awarding the game a 7/10. "Scorn may make a few missteps here and there, with some short-lived but shoddy combat sequences and puzzles that grow a little repetitive as the game reaches its climax, but none of this really takes away from the artistic achievement at core of this adventure. Ebb Software's debut is one of the most gruesome, thought-provoking and completely alien experiences we've had in a very long time. It's a game that flings you headlong into a blood-soaked nightmare, leaves you to push and prod and make your own way forward, to draw your own conclusions, and it's one that's left a lasting impression on us as a result of some truly superb world-building and startling imagery."