Scorn was one of the grosser games released in 2022, and despite being an Xbox console exclusive, it appears a potential PS5 port is being teased on Twitter, albeit in a really convoluted, increasingly disgusting way.

Inspired by the biomechanical artistic stylings of H. R. Giger and Zdzisław Beksiński, it's likely you've seen images or clips of this one floating around, as they do tend to stand out. PlayStation LifeStyle collated the whole saga, which kicked off with a series of increasingly bizarre Tweets from the game's official Twitter account.

Terrible at puzzles of all kinds; thankfully, smarter minds than ours came together to come up with some theories in the various comments sections. Again, PSLS shows the full workings, but if you just want to know what people think it all means, here we go.

Fans think the first riddle refers to a triangle, and the second is an audio clip, which, translated from Morse Code, means circle. The third one is simple enough that even we got it, the letter (or mathematical symbol) X.

Provided they manage to push out that all-important square clue later today, we'd be willing to believe there is some substance to these claims (and will update accordingly). What do you think of this theory, and if true, do you have the stomach to play Scorn on PS5? Let us know in the comments section.