Final Fantasy 16 PS5 Demo Feedback

The Final Fantasy XVI demo really seems to have struck a chord with those who have played it. Offering up over two hours of gameplay through the title's prologue chapter — and topping things off with a special combat-based mode — the demo feedback we've seen has been incredibly positive overall. A quick Google search reveals all kinds of gushing reviews, videos, and streams, suggesting that Square Enix has a hit on its hands.

Naturally, we hosted a poll here on Push Square, asking our readers for their thoughts on the demo. Now, without wanting to brag, our polls tend to be quite popular these days, but this particular poll attracted over 8,000 votes — with most people saying they absolutely loved the Final Fantasy XVI demo.

An impressive 62% of users concluded 'It's fantastic, I can't wait for the full game'. A further 16% said it was either 'really good' or 'solid', while 11% simply said they haven't played it yet. Just 7% of total votes skewed negatively, which is a rarity even for full releases.

Here are the poll results at the time of writing this article:

Final Fantasy 16 PS5 Demo Poll

So, let's ask again: what do you think of the Final Fantasy XVI demo? Has it convinced you to try the game? Has it made the wait all the more difficult? Give Clive and co. the thumbs up in the comments section below.

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