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Electronic Arts is shaking things up, initiating a major corporate reshuffle in an effort to "empower our creative teams" and make "faster and more insightful decisions around development", according to CEO Andrew Wilson. But don't go dumping your dividends just yet; the move won't have much of an impact on the casual enjoyer of EA IP.

Rather, it's an internal separation of sorts, with EA Games being rebranded as EA Entertainment (with a wider scope) and the ever-lucrative EA Sports expanding, becoming its own thing entirely. On the restructuring, Wilson (who will continue to oversee both organisations) had the following to say: "We’re building the future of interactive entertainment on a foundation of legendary franchises and innovative new experiences, which represents massive opportunities for growth."

Laura Miele, previously EA's COO, will now serve as President of Entertainment, Technology, and Central Development. EA Sports, meanwhile, will continue to be led by Cam Weber, whose own role will expand commensurately. Industry veteran and Respawn Studios founder Vince Zampella, under the EA Entertainment umbrella, will continue to "lead the world-class studios responsible for Apex Legends, our Star Wars games, and Battlefield."

What do you think of this move from EA? How are you feeling about the two-time winning Worst Company in America these days? Five years ago, our readers were still mostly sour on the firm, which at the time was still pretty obsessed with microtransactions, to be fair. Let us know in the comments section below.

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