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Electronic Arts. EA. One of the biggest video game publishers in the world and also, it's fair to say, one of the most controversial. Over the last decade or so, EA has made a lot of headlines -- not all of them positive. This console generation in particular has seen the company come under fire numerous times because of the business practices that it's decided to push. In other words, the publisher's been banking big on microtransactions.

But how do you feel about EA these days? Does the company do enough good to balance out the hate that it tends gets across the internet? Vote in our polls, and then try not to swear in the comments section below.

What's your general opinion of EA? (237 votes)

  1. EA is the worst big publisher in gaming today25%
  2. As far as big publishers go, EA is one of the worst43%
  3. Meh, I don't hate EA, but it isn't great, either13%
  4. EA as a publisher is okay, but some of its business practices suck16%
  5. I actually quite like EA1%
  6. EA is the best big publisher in gaming today  0.8%

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What do you think of the games EA publishes these days? (227 votes)

  1. EA publishes a lot of great games4%
  2. EA publishes some games that I like20%
  3. Eh, EA's output is hit and miss for me33%
  4. EA publishes hardly any games that I like33%
  5. EA doesn't publish anything that interests me at all10%

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What would you like to see from EA going forward? (223 votes)

  1. EA should focus on publishing new properties, refresh its output27%
  2. EA should focus on strengthening existing properties8%
  3. EA should double down on licenses like Star Wars3%
  4. More than anything, EA should start phasing out microtransactions57%
  5. EA needs to greenlight more remasters3%
  6. Nothing, really -- EA should just continue doing what it's doing2%

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