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Ryota Suzuki is the battle director on Final Fantasy XVI, but before signing up with Square Enix, he spent more than two decades working on some seriously impressive action games for Capcom, like Devil May Cry 5, Dragon's Dogma, and Monster Hunter: World.

Suzuki says that the next mainline entry in the long-running Final Fantasy series is his magnum opus, declaring in a live letter: "I truly think this game is my own personal masterpiece."

Suzuki goes on to say that he hopes "those who have never played an action game before can go and try out Final Fantasy 16. I hope this game will give you a chance to experience the allure that an action game can bring.”

This is precisely the sort of thing we want to hear from the game's master-of-arms as hype for the game reaches a fever pitch mere days from launch. The eagerly anticipated, uh, RPG launches on 22nd June and will apparently require a day one patch after all.

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