So, Final Fantasy 16 Will Have a Day One Patch on PS5 After All 1
Image: Push Square

After making a big song and dance about the fact that Final Fantasy 16 won’t have a day one patch – an admittedly uncommon scenario in 2023 – publisher Square Enix has since admitted there will actually be an update ahead of release. The patch, which will weigh in at around 300MB, will fix a minor progression issue, a few text errors, and a rare bug which caused the game to close in very specific circumstances. It’ll also help optimise the performance of the title, promising a sturdier frame rate throughout.

The development team apologised for reneging on its promise of no day one patch, but obviously a better optimised game is never a bad thing. Considering this is only a small update, it’s hardly the end of the world. It is pretty amusing after so much was made of the game not having any launch day updates, though.

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