Dead Cells PS4 PlayStation

Dead Cells, released in 2018 for PS4, is getting a free PS5 upgrade this week (on 29th June), which comes with the sorts of bells and whistles we've come to expect at this point. Enhance your future runs with haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and audio feedback when it does.

Dead Cells continues to go from strength to pixelated strength, smashing past the 10 million units sold mark recently (across all platforms), with news coming down that the title will receive support through 2025.

Physical editions of the game were also announced for August, commemorating the Return to Castlevania expansion/crossover, bundling all previous DLC offerings in the process. That's a lot of Dead Cells; if you didn't know, that's the base game, plus Rise of the Giant, The Bad Seed, Fatal Falls, The Queen and the Sea, and Return to Castlevania.

Are you a fan of Dead Cells? Will you be checking out the free PS5 version when it drops? Let us know in the comments section below.