Dead Cells PS5 PS4

Dead Cells developer Motion Twin has today announced the hit indie rogue-like title has now surpassed 10 million sales across all platforms. A native PS5 version is planned for release on 11th August 2023, and the studio shall continue to support the game until at least 2025. Co-developer Evil Empire teases it's "tinkering with its time-tested methodology [and] experimenting with ideas for future updates and new ways for fans to enjoy one of their favorite roguelikes".

The game was one of the greatest indie experiences around when it launched on PS4 way back in 2017, and 34 free updates and four paid expansions since have made it a mainstay in the independent scene. Most notably, the recent Return to Castlevania DLC in collaboration with Konami brought significant attention to the title.

Upon its original release, we said: "Dead Cells has raised the bar for the rogue-lite genre going forward. A combination of astounding combat mechanics, an unfathomable amount of weapon variety, and a spectacular art style had us coming back for second helpings, while an array of enemies made sure we always had something new to dispose of."