The potentially cool PSVR2 projects keep coming with Ikimasho’s Korean neo-noir cinema inspired Tiger Blade. “Slash and blast your way through ranks of hoodlums in a high stakes chase through the atmospheric and meticulously recreated marketplaces, docks, alleys, and streets of Sewoon,” explained co-founder Yann Suquet.

“Set in an alternate Korea, you take the role of the deadliest assassin working for the Horangi chapter of the Tiger Clans. Ordered to steal a mysterious package from a rival chapter, you are shocked to find the object of the heist is, in fact, a tiger cub – thought extinct for a hundred years, the mythical creature is now desired by every gang in the city.”

This is an arcade-style title that’s designed to be highly replayable, with high scores, online leaderboards, and more. “The heart-pounding, non-stop action is further intensified thanks to haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and headset rumble,” Suquet added. And, as we alluded to in the headline, the whole game will play out to the beat of an original K-Hip Hop soundtrack.

There better be a Camo song or we riot!