As if hit with the recommended dose of Echo Screen, the silence surrounding the long-rumoured remake of Final Fantasy IX has lifted once again. Noted industry insider and White Mage Jeff Grubb has fanned the flames of speculation this time, reigniting the unholy conflagration on his Game Mess Mornings shows over at Giant Bomb.

With each passing day, the infamous NVIDIA leak is proven more accurate, and it was there we first learned of the fan-favourite entries intended remake. Grubb says he's received reassurance the project is still happening "very recently", although the jury's still out as to the extent of the remake. Something along the lines of the recent Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion, and not so much Final Fantasy VII: Remake, is probably the sweet spot for expectations.

How excited are you by the prospect of the Final Fantasy IX remake? What are you hoping to see out of it, and where do you think it will get officially unveiled? Get up to all kinds of shenanigans in the comments section below.