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Even the Diablo 4 Trophy list is embracing the game's setting of Hell with digital trinkets that will have you killing beasts down under 666 times. In order to unlock the Platinum Trophy, you'll need to earn 25 other gongs, and five of them are all about fending off the legions of Hell. Five Bronze Trophies will ask you to slay 666 Demons, Fallen, or Goatmen, 666 Ghosts, Skeletons, or Zombies, 666 Snakes or Spiders, 666 Drowned, Vampires, or Werewolves, and finally 666 Bandits, Cultists, or Knights.

That's a lot of killing. Interestingly, since Diablo 4's Trophy list is roughly half the size of any normal, full-priced game, the requirements for its Gold Trophies will demand some commitment. You'll need to unlock every Codex of Power Aspect, reach level 50 with a hardcore character, and then level 100 with any character. Finally, you'll need to explore every bit of Estuar and kill a World Boss.

You can view the full Trophy list on Exophase. Will you be trying to add the Diablo 4 Platinum Trophy to your collection? Get planning in the comments below.

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