Take-Two Interactive

Take-Two appears to have some mighty big ambitions, with 16 games planned for release over the fiscal year to come, including "new IP" from a "premier studio". Tantalising!

In a press release, the company revealed its intentions, which include releasing three "immersive core" games. This includes inevitable cash cows NBA 2K24 and WWE 2K24, which can be relied upon to produce. But it's this new IP we find most intriguing, with all we have to go on being the descriptor "an eagerly-anticipated new IP from one of our premier studios".

Two more will be "mid-core arcade titles" (one of which is the save-game hungry LEGO 2K Drive), and another two will be iterations of previously released games. Three more will be independent titles (one of which is After Us), and the final six will be mobile games.

GTA 6 is still further out (though we learned today it could be out by the end of next year), so it looks like Take-Two has some truly massive years ahead of it. What are you hoping to see from the publisher regarding the new IP? Let us know in the comments section below.

[source take2games.com, via techraptor.net]