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If you're currently playing LEGO 2K Drive via the pre-order early access perk, you (ironically) might want to hold off until launch as reports of players losing hours of progress have begun to emerge.

VGC has confirmed this to be the case (losing 10 hours in their instance), with the problem seeming to be reconnecting to the 2K servers, something that needs to happen each time you turn off the PS5 or even put it into Rest Mode. Other reports are starting to trickle in from Twitter and Reddit.

Upon reconnecting, the game will apparently display a message that it is attempting to sync with the "cloud save" before resetting the completion progress back to a much earlier save state (in the VGC example, from 65% to 1%).

Thankfully, 2K is aware of the situation and "are investigating and will share additional updates as soon as they’re available.”

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Are you playing LEGO 2K drive right now? Will you be attempting to keep your game "live" until a solution presents itself, like a kid given a PS1 by well-meaning parents who have no understanding of what a Memory Card is? Let us know in the comments section below.