PS5 PC Ports PlayStation 1
Image: Push Square

Sony has seen relatively steady success slowly adapting some of its major first-party franchises to PC, and it’s a process it’ll continue to engage in. However, in an interview with Japanese magazine Famitsu, boss Jim Ryan said that PS5 remains the priority, and the majority of its titles will launch much later on PC. He even admitted that “two to three years” may be the sweet spot.

That’s largely consistent with how PlayStation’s been handling things, although we’ve seen some titles come quicker – The Last of Us: Part I being a recent example, albeit a unique one given it originally released as a PS3 game. PS Studios president Hermen Hulst has hinted that some of Sony’s live service games may launch day-and-date on PC, so Ryan’s probably referring to tentpole single player titles here.

It’s clear that Sony wants its intellectual property to become better recognised, and we’re beginning to see the fruits of its strategy with its television and movie adaptations. It’s also in the early stages of establishing a mobile gaming division, too. Bringing franchises like God of War and Horizon to PC opens up the potential audience, thus enabling them to attract new fans.

But the platform holder is walking a tightrope here: the foundation of its business revolves around flogging consoles, and high-profile exclusives is one of the main ways it’s been able to convince consumers to buy-in. Personally, we reckon it’s been managing its PC initiative fine, and it’s clearly not having any material impact on the PS5’s sales potential – in fact, the new-gen console has been on fire of late, and is showing no real signs of slowing down.

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