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A CD Projekt RED representative has squashed rumours spread over the weekend that the Cyberpunk 2077 developer is on the verge of being picked up by Sony. A Destiny 2 leaker shared claims of an apparent acquisition along with a Days Gone sequel being greenlit, but neither are true. In response to the claims, Ola Sondej of CD Projekt RED said: "We're not in such talks with Sony."

This always came across as a flimsy rumour not based in reality — CD Projekt RED is a publicly traded company and so a move like this would be reflected on the stock exchange — but now we know for sure such a move isn't on the cards. In addition, another clear indicator the claim couldn't be real was its attachment to a Days Gone 2 project. Sony Bend has already confirmed it's working on a new IP, and is pitching it as the studio's "best game yet".

Furthermore, it's quite rare for anyone outside of the companies involved to know of an impending acquisition, proven by purchases made by Microsoft and Sony over the past few years that never leaked in this manner. This simply isn't how the industry works when it comes these sorts of billion-dollar deals.