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Sony CEO Jim Ryan is feeling bullish about PS5 sales now that the COVID-induced supply slump is over, and the plucky little box can actually be found on store shelves. Already the best-selling console for months, the Sony bigwig says he expects the PS5 to breach 108 million units sold over the course of its lifetime.

Considering Sony needs to sell an additional 70 million PS5s in order to make that happen, that's some pretty tough talk. Recent numbers suggest the firm is likely sitting above 40 million currently, with consoles selling like hotcakes in key markets now that supply has increased.

Ryan, in a recent games business briefing webcast and ensuing Q&A (thanks, TweakTown), explained how he sees the company achieving this bold estimate, stating:

"The 70 million, I think, is the existing PlayStation 4 user base, and while we would hope to convert a large number of those people, we will definitely target and definitely be successful in bringing large numbers of gamers who did not own a PlayStation 4, and in many instances, who have never owned a PlayStation at all."

What do you think of Mr Ryan's numbers, and should we read into the 108 part, specifically? Create a surplus in the comments section below.