PS5 Push Square
Image: Push Square

Sony has managed to beat its own lofty PS5 sales estimations to record a total of 6.3 million PS5 console shipments in the Q4 period of fiscal year 2022. In terms of revenue, this makes it Sony's best-ever fourth quarter earnings, beating out the same period recorded last year.

The company was always bullish with its estimates for the Q1 2023 period, first setting a target of 5.2 million PS5 systems shipped. This was then later raised 6.2 million, but the final result has even beaten that as any PS5 Stock issues evaporate. Compared to the same quarter in fiscal year 2021, it marks a sales increase of 4.3 million units.

Elsewhere, Sony is also generating more money from its PS5, PS4 game software, add on content, and network services compared to the same period last year. Sales of first-party games are down slightly at 68 million (a drop of two million), but then the platform holder only had Horizon Call of the Mountain on PSVR2 to sell as a new title. Then the digital download ratio compared to physical copies has stayed pretty much the same at 70 per cent. Finally, the number of PS Plus members is on the rise once more.