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Update: The speculation continues, unobstructed, without official confirmation from Sony. Giant Bomb’s Jeff Grubb, who’s been beating the May PS Showcase drum for a fair few months, has nailed down a “week of May 25th” window for the anticipated event. He added: “That timing on PS Showcase is right as of now.”

He continued: “I said ‘week of May 25th’ because that's probably the latest that week it could happen. But it could happen earlier. I just don't want to say week of May 21st and then people get mad when it doesn't happen on a Sunday.”

Clearly Grubb has some kind of sources corroborating this window, but as we mentioned previously, it’s unlikely Sony will pin down a date until much closer to the time.

Original Article: Sprinkle a little more fuel on the flaming PS Showcase log fire. Following on from this weekend’s social media speculation – in which it was suggested Sony may have signed up timed exclusivity for a trio of Konami classicsVGC’s editor Andy Robinson has attached his name to the rapidly multiplying rumours, claiming he’s heard a livestream is happening “in the usual late May / early June window, with Konami stuff included”.

This has been the line we’ve been hearing for a long time now, although the Japanese giant is yet to confirm anything. Remember, while it did host a series of State of Plays in 2022, it skipped its annual tentpole “E3-style” press conference entirely, and as a result there are vanishingly few first-party projects currently announced. We know Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is expected in September, but even the nature of that’s remained a secret since its first trailer a few years ago.

There are so many games in development for PS5 that it does feel time for a proper coming out party, but this remains speculation until Sony officially dates an event. Given its current engagement strategy with enthusiasts, we doubt it’ll announce anything until days before the show itself, so even though we’re knee-deep into May now, don’t expect confirmation for a couple more weeks at least.