Walkabout Mini Golf DLC

It has been confirmed via Twitter that the popular PSVR2 title Walkabout Mini Golf is to receive its latest DLC pack of courses in the next few weeks. Themed around Journey to the Center of the Earth, it is sounding like one we’ll have to pick up.

The tweet states: “Get ready to grab your putter and headlamp as you traverse the network of caverns that lead you to a mushroom forest, brilliant gems, and an underground ocean occupied with living prehistoric creatures of the 2nd in our Jules Verne trilogy: Journey to the Center of the Earth!”

A follow up tweet adds: “Clarification: The course is not out now but will be out within a few weeks!” The developer then mentions it’ll release in the next few weeks so we’d suggest keeping your eyes peeled.

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Is more mini golf what PSVR2 needs or are you looking for something more intense? Let us know in the comments section below.

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