Tekken 8 PS5 PlayStation

Tekken 8 is skipping a PS4 iteration, if you didn't know, and will instead be taking full advantage of PS5's fancy new tech. And while all aspects of the lovely machine are utilised, it's actually the SSD which will transform the player's experience, and not necessarily the extra graphical muscle (although that helps).

Franchise boss Katsuhiro Harada made some choice comments in the latest issue of PLAY Magazine (thanks, MP1ST), stating that the ability to put players into matches faster is "probably even the biggest thing that’s gonna evolve the player experience in the game.”

Harada has been saying other things we like the sound of, too, and while we still don't have a firm release window, it's starting to look like the next instalment of the venerable fighter could take the series to a whole new level. How excited are you for Tekken 8? Where does the series sit in terms of other modern fighting franchises? Let us know in the comments section below.

[source pocketmags.com, via mp1st.com]