Herc's Adventures PS5 PS4 PS Plus Premium Sony 1
Image: Push Square

First announced as a SEGA Saturn exclusive but eventually released day-and-date on PS1 as well, Herc’s Adventures was billed as a spiritual successor to SNES classic Zombies Ate My Neighbors when it first launched in 1997. And now the slickly animated, cartoon-style top-down action adventure from LucasArts looks like it’s locked for a PS Plus Premium port.

Eagle-eyed fans noticed product listings for the title on PS5 and PS4 had appeared on Sony’s servers, which has happened with past emulated conversions, like Ridge Racer 2. This wouldn’t be the first time the PS1 original has been re-released either: it was previously available in North America as a PS1 Classic for the PS3, PSP, and PS Vita.

It should be noted that this title is notoriously expensive these days, with NTSC copies selling for well over $150 and PAL versions fetching a similar fee. The game was critically acclaimed upon release, with reviewers praising its cartoon visuals, off-beat sense-of-humour, and huge explorable environments. Its seemingly imminent re-release will be gratefully received.

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