In case you missed the memo, Weird West recently received a PS5 port. This game, published by Devolver Digital and developed by Dishonored alumni, is an isometric immersive sim that we'd recommend you hop into. However, if you're on the fence, PS Plus Premium members can now give it a shot risk-free.

It's the latest in the top subscription tier's range of full games you can download and play in a trial period. In Weird West's case, you can try out either the PS4 version or the new PS5 port — which sports 4K resolution and 60 frames-per-second — for a total of two hours. If you've been curious to see what this game is all about, now's your chance to dive in before you buy.

Weird West joins dozens of other games you can try for no additional cost as part of PS Plus Premium, including Cyberpunk 2077, A Plague Tale: Requiem, Sonic Frontiers, and more. Will you be playing the trial for Weird West? Barge open the saloon doors in the comments section below.