PS5 PlayStation

Already enjoying a particularly lucrative financial quarter, Sony has crossed another sales milestone, becoming the first console manufacturer to sell 500 million home consoles. Obviously, that removes handhelds from the equation (sorry, Nintendo, that means most of your 833 million isn't eligible), so PSP and PS Vita sales were not included.

Spotted over on ResetEra, cumulative sales across all PlayStation platforms have now crossed that big, round number with the latest PS5 sales. It's a pretty impressive feat, taking almost 30 years across five lovely machines to accomplish. You can check out the abridged roundup below:

  • PS: 102m
  • PS2: 155m
  • PS3: 87m
  • PS4: 117m
  • PS5: 38m

At what point did you get on the PlayStation train? Do you think it will take another three decades to reach a billion? Let us know in the comments section below.