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Square Enix has detailed some of the new additions coming to Forspoken in a free update which will launch alongside the impending In Tanta We Trust DLC (available now if you sprung for the Digital Deluxe Edition).

Outside of the aforementioned paid prequel, all players can look forward to new gameplay content in update 1.20 when it goes live on 26th May. First are Tanta's feline familiars, who now, instead of just hanging out at Pilgrim's Refuge, will actually follow Frey out into the field. A Very Hard difficulty mode will make an appearance, too. Neat!

Perhaps the most essential addition of all, though, is the revision of chatty armband Cuff's vocabulary, which has been tweaked across every Cuff Chat setting to feel more natural (allegedly).

Plus, in something you don't often see, additional moves and actions are being added to the game; check Square Enix's page for the full list, but an example is the Cuff Crush, an AOE aerial ground pound (which you can check out below), or the quick midair jump to further assist in parkour.

What do you think of all the additions coming to Forspoken in 1.20? Let us know in the comments section below.

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