An otherwise unremarkable video, in which various NetherRealm Studios staffers express gratitude for the series’ 30th anniversary, appears to include the very first teaser of Mortal Kombat 12. We know that the game is targeting a 2023 release due to a Warner Bros shareholder report, but creator Ed Boon and his team have resisted the urge to reveal, well, anything… Until now!

Okay, so there’s really not a lot to go on here. We see an hour glass in space with the sands of time falling from it, before the camera zooms in on the final grain and an intergalactic explosion occurs. What does it mean? Only Raiden knows! There are rumours the game could be revealed during a PS Showcase, which makes sense, but with Sony keeping a lid on pretty much everything it’s up to, that’s pure speculation until something is officially announced.