Are you enjoying Mortal Kombat 11? Well, maybe you’d like to buy Hogwarts Legacy! That pretty much describes the main menu for NetherRealm Studios’ acclaimed brawler, as it’s been filled with ads for Warner Bros’ other hit game. We’ve never actually seen anything quite like this: as Reddit screenshots show, huge banners for Avalanche’s wizard-‘em-up have been added to the fighter’s home screen – there’s even a hyperlink which presumably takes you directly to the PS Store!

We suppose it makes sense for the publisher to try and cross-promote its releases, but in-game advertising rarely goes down well with enthusiasts – after all, do you remember when Sony tried to add commercials to WipEout HD on the PS3?

It’ll be interesting to see whether the backlash is strong enough to encourage Warner Bros to remove these, but with the shiny new Mortal Kombat 12 seemingly on the horizon, we’re honestly not holding our breath.