Sony Japan PS5 Push Square

PlayStation boss Jim Ryan has reinforced Sony's commitment to the Japanese gaming market in a new interview with Famitsu, where he states it continues to be an important region for the company. Ryan explains (via Google Translate): "The Japanese market has been and will continue to be one of the most important markets. The reason for this is, of course, that the Japanese market is the second largest in the world, but more important than simple statistics is that Japan is the birthplace of PlayStation."

He continues by discussing the Japanese games released over the past 30 years on PlayStation hardware, name-dropping the likes of Final Fantasy, Monster Hunter, and Tekken. "SIE has a long history of relationships with developers and publishers, so the Japanese market is extremely important in that sense as well."

On Sony's strategy in Japan, Ryan said: "It is to send out games that are highly compatible with the Japanese market. Elden Ring, Resident Evil 4, Monster Hunter Rise, Wild Hearts, etc. have already been released on PS5. These games were born in Japan and were released in Japan." Looking to the future, he then highlights Final Fantasy XVI and Street Fighter 6. "Both of which will be huge and important launches for the world, but Japanese game fans will have a particularly high affinity for them."

Jim Ryan's comments on the Japanese region after PlayStation has been criticized for seemingly winding down its first-party operations in Japan, having effectively closed down Japan Studio and only keeping Astro's Playroom developer Team Asobi around. How do you feel about Ryan's latest comments? Share your thoughts in the comments below.