Sony loves Five Nights at Freddy’s – perhaps even more than Oddworld, because the games regularly top its most viewed YouTube trailer lists. So, we suppose there should be no surprise Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted 2 was announced during its livestream earlier today. It’s currently in development for PSVR2.

“Improving on the original title, Help Wanted 2 introduces several brand new minigames that bring you face to face with familiar characters and locations from the series’ past,” said Steel Wool Studios’ Ray McCaffrey. “But all is not as it seems in this new job – it’ll be up to you to brave through the horrors to figure out the truth.”

McCaffrey added: “Utilising the enhanced power and fidelity of PSVR2, this title will be the most immersive, heart-racing Five Nights at Freddy’s title ever. PSVR2 Sense Controller and headset haptics let players feel every step, rumble, and shake as you race to complete your tasks on time. VR brings players even closer to the animatronics than ever before, just not too close, they have been known to bite.”