The Company of Heroes franchise is one of PC's most storied real-time strategy series, with even the first game (released in 2006) still supporting a competitive community today. Company of Heroes 3 will mark the first time the series has made the jump to console, and as is always the case with strategy games, it will live or die by how well it handles on a controller.

Thankfully, as shown in a new dev diary, the team over at Relic know this and has been hard at work on a control scheme that will allow commanders to bring order to the chaos of the battlefield. Through the use of the game's Tactical Pause feature, players will be given a moment's reprieve to think things through before issuing orders (at least in a single-player). It looks like a great addition, combined with mapping command wheels to both triggers, although the only way to know for sure is to try it for ourselves.

Company of Heroes 3 launches on PS5 on 30th May. Will you be diving in? What strategy games do you think actually control well on a console? Write a detailed response with your DualSense in the comments section below.