As detailed by Volition last week, a huge Saints Row patch is now live on PS5 and PS4 along with the game's first major piece of DLC. Named The Heist & The Hazardous, it adds three new story missions in the district of Sunshine Springs, which itself adds more activities and shops for all players for free. The expansion costs £7.99/$9.99, and also bundles in 18 new outfits and cosmetic items, four more wingsuit designs, and a few new vehicles and weapons.

The trailer above teases what to expect from the DLC, and then the PS Store listing provides a quick synopsis: "When obnoxious movie star Chris Hardy double-crosses the Boss on a successful assassination hit, the Saints take sweet revenge with a swaggering, stylish, black-tie heist." If you own the Expansion Pass for Saints Row, then you're free to download the DLC without charge on PS5, PS4.

We enjoyed the game when it launched last year, awarding it a respectable 7/10 in our Saints Row PS5 review. Since then, though, Volition has committed to updating and upgrading the open worlder with more things to do as well as fix problems under the hood. With this being the title's biggest refresh yet, it may be worth your time now. "Saints Row is a largely successful reboot, even if it sometimes feels dangerously outdated in terms of open world design."