Train Sim World 3 PS5 PlayStation 5 1

Dovetail Games, the developer of one of this author’s personal favourites Train Sim World 3, was recently acquired by French giant Focus Entertainment. And the UK developer has decided to celebrate by making one of its best routes free to download on PS5 and PS4: the excellent LGV Méditerranée from Marseille to Avignon.

This, for our money, is one of the best add-ons in the game, packed with scenic French countryside and a pretty killer loco to commandeer, the TGV Duplex. There are some really interesting operations in this route, as you’ll need to toggle the train’s power supply at a certain point, which makes for an interesting challenge.

Those of you who already play Train Sim World 3 will know how expensive the expansions can get, so the fact that this is free until 2nd June marks a pretty meaningful moment. You will, of course, need to own the main game (or Train Sim World 2) to play the content – but once you add the DLC to your library, it’ll be yours to keep forever. Definitely grab it if you’re into trains!