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Image: Push Square

Focus Entertainment has acquired, the parent company of Dovetail Games which makes titles such as Train Sim World 3. The fee is not mentioned, and the news comes courtesy of the French firm’s financial report. The organisation used to publish the Farming Simulator series, before GIANTS grew to such a degree that it was able to sustain itself.

“Focus Entertainment today announced the acquisition of 100 percent of, the parent company of Dovetail Games’ group, a best-in-class gaming company in [the] simulation genre, alongside senior management,” the document explains. “For years, the United Kingdom-based studio has adopted a robust business model based on synergies between full game releases and a strong live service content strategy providing recurring revenue.”

The statement continues: “The integration of this award-winning developer and publisher (£15 million of revenues expected for the fiscal year ended 31st March, 2023) is a step forward in the strategy of Focus Entertainment and it is expected to be somewhat accretive in terms of percentage margin standpoint.”

Train Sim World 3 has continued to grow at an aggressive pace, adding an entirely new East Midlands-themed expansion pack earlier this week. It’s unlikely that Focus Entertainment will tamper with the team’s already extremely successful business model, but time will tell on that front.