Final Fantasy 16 PS5 Console Bundle Push Square

If you're in the market for a PS5 and are looking to pick Final Fantasy XVI up next month, you may want to combine the two purchases for the special console bundle releasing alongside the Square Enix RPG. Available for pre-order now is the previously announced Final Fantasy XVI PS5 console bundle, which packs in a PS5 download code along with the system. It launches on 22nd June 2023 for £539.99 / $559.99.

Below you will find handly links to retailers in the UK and USA who are stocking the special PS5 bundle. Just remember, though, that the only special artwork attached to this console version is on the outer box. Inside, it's just a standard PS5 with a disc drive and a pamphlet with your Final Fantasy XVI PS Store code on. Those special PS5 console covers and limited edition PS5 DualSense controller really are staying exclusive to Japan.

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Final Fantasy XVI PS5 Console Bundle Pre-Orders in the UK

Final Fantasy XVI PS5 Console Bundle Pre-Orders in the USA

Of course, standard PS5 consoles are also available at plenty of major retailers. If you're looking to pick up a system for the cheapest price, make sure to check out our dedicated guide: