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Final Fantasy XVI will not be released in the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia, with the nation's official rating board (the General Commission for Audiovisual Media) refusing the eagerly-anticipated title classification.

Apparently, this was due to publisher Square Enix's refusal to modify content for the region. Final Fantasy XVI is the first game in the long-running mainline series to be rated M for Mature in the US and PEGI 18+ in Europe, but we don't know what the specific issue in question is.

Hattan Tawili, the Saudi rating board's general supervisor, posted a rather vague Tweet earlier this week, the Google translation for which (in part) reads: "Unfortunately, one of the most important and biggest games of the year is on its way to being banned due to the company’s complete refusal to modify the content to suit the region."

Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund and its controversial subsidiary, The Savvy Gaming Group, have been investing heavily in the video game industry for years and plan to up the ante in the future.