Final Fantasy 16 Mature 18+ Rating

Yep, it's official: Final Fantasy XVI will be the first mainline game in the long-running RPG series to be rated M for Mature in the US, and PEGI 18+ in Europe. Now that the title can be pre-ordered following its release date announcement at The Game Awards, we know that the age ratings are going to stick (not that there was much chance of them actually changing up until this point).

Square Enix has previously gone on record saying that Final Fantasy XVI is meant to tell a darker, more mature story — and we suppose that much was evident in one of the game's previous trailers, which showed a man's decapitated head rolling across the ground.

Most of Final Fantasy's previous instalments have settled on a T for Teen or PEGI 15 rating, shying away from things like graphic violence and sexual themes. But with next year's title, the development team's clearly trying to break new ground.

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