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The neverending forward march of Final Fantasy XIV continues (even if director Yoshi-P is currently obsessed with Zelda), with a trailer being released for the next chapter in the long-running MMO. The next patch, 6.4 - The Dark Throne, will set the stage for the next (as-yet-unannounced) major expansion and goes live next week, on 23rd May.

The Dark Throne will begin to tie up the narrative threads that began in the Endwalker expansion and will introduce additional Main Scenario Quests, propelling the story forward. In addition, the Pandæmonium: Anabaseios Raid will be introduced, as well as a new Dungeon, The Aetherfront.

Other highlights include a Blue Mage class update, additional Battle Content, and new Trials. You can peruse the additions in their entirety here.

Are you up to date with Final Fantasy XIV? Are you ready to dive straight into The Dark Throne once servers go live? Start grinding for Tomestones in the comments section below.

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