EA Sports has just released part two of its "deep dive" F1 23 gameplay series (catch up on part one here), with Formula One presenter Natalie Pinkham returning to show off the new and improved Braking Point story mode.

In Braking Point 2, players will experience a new chapter of the ongoing saga, complete with new faces (and mo-cap tech), fresh rivals, and more drama. The presentation looks slick, and the narrative setup is quite compelling, which is to say nothing of the racing, which speaks for itself.

Playing through this story mode, your Performance and Reputation will be measured, both on and off the track. Your press responses and management decisions can lead to unforeseen consequences, including (but not limited to) the triggering of additional bonus objectives in future races.

What do you think of this latest look at F1 23 and of Braking Points 2? Beat your personal best racing to the comments section below.

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