EA Sports has just released a "deep dive" gameplay video for the upcoming F1 23, scheduled to launch on PS5 and PS4 next month. In it, we get a better look at the on-track action, with Formula One presenter Natalie Pinkham giving us the lowdown on what's new in this year's racing sim.

First up is the physics and handling, which have been reworked for this iteration. Apparently, it'll deliver the most realistic simulation of the motorsport yet, improving how surfaces and the car interact, how grip is calculated, and more. The result is better-feeling driving — improved low-speed traction and overall driveability are highlighted.

EA Sports says that those playing with a controller will notice the biggest difference; Precision Drive technology has been implemented that, put simply, makes driving with a pad feel far more accurate than before.

As well as that, the video goes into the return of red flags, which have been missing from the series for a while now. This is one more way the game aims to be more true to life — you'll also be able to make adjustments and repairs to your car during a red flag. A new race length option is being implemented too; 35 per cent race length strikes a balance between cutting down the driving time while still maintaining the need for strategy.

Finally, two new circuits will be included in F1 23 — the Las Vegas Street Circuit and Qatar's Losail International Circuit. Photogrammetry, satellite imaging, and all the rest of it was used to make these tracks as authentic as possible.

It all sounds pretty promising, but obviously we'll have to get hands on to check out those handling improvements ourselves. Are you excited for F1 23? Take a pit stop in the comments section below.